Shad Rutherford
E  N  T  E  R  T  A  I  N  E  R


"This is the best outside performance that we've ever had. Your control and empathy with the children was superb. Thanks for a stimulating day."
Faye McLeod, Pukeatua School


(the programme easily adapts to each level)

This is a complete teaching package and not just a fun show. If your school intend doing a unit on circuses, clowns, entertainment, language, art, books, keeping yourself safe, drama, mime, self esteem....or a myriad of other topics then this is the visit for your school.

You have a choice of shows or workshops or a combination of both, the show is adapted to cover whatever you are currently studying as well as topics such as :

* Believing in Yourself
* Always try your Best
* Overcoming failure
* It’s OK to make mistakes
* Simple Goal Setting
* Never ever Quit

Workshops emphasise the lessons learned in the show and include the poem:

"I despise the guys who criticise and minimise the enterprise of other guys who's enterprise has made them rise above the guys that criticise"

Plus by breaking down into easy steps and then putting the steps together, the children actually work out the meaning of the word:


Workshops include:


Yes everyone does learn how to juggle, but they also learn how they learned. This workshop is really about “how to learn”, starting with the “easy tasks”and working through to the “tough stuff”. A practical application of the lessons learned during the show.


Here Shad takes the students through the magical world that is clown/mime. A lesson in creativity using simple mime skills to unlock the chains of the imagination.

For more details Contact Shad Rutherford:
Christchurch, New Zealand
64 (03) 352 3150 or (0274) 963 746