Children's Birthday's


Shad Rutherford
E  N  T  E  R  T  A  I  N  E  R


“Thank you so much for performing for Jason and his friends, the children have not stopped talking about the magic and juggling. Not only did you make his day but from a parents point of view, it certainly was “headache free” for me too!!
Jane Hancock


There’s something extra special about performing for children’s birthday parties and Shad Rutherford is a master of this type of performance. Since 1985 Shad has performed at over 3,000 parties for a wide range of ages right from the “terrible two’s” through to the “I’m nearly a teenager, twelve's”

What happens is up to you, you could have:

Show Only

Shad uses Magic, Juggling and Balloon twisting to keep the children captivated and laughing plus there's lots of goodies for the Birthday Child. They get to help with a special routine and receive a Birthday Gift, a Giant Balloon (Hat, Harley Davidson Motorcycle or Tigger). Shad then helps with the formal part, singing “Happy Birthday” etc before discretely disappearing. Show times run from half an hour to 45mins (depending on your requirements and the age of the children).
Email for specific details!

Plus Face Painting

As for the “Show Only” but with face painting for anyone who wants it. The time will vary depending on what sorts of faces the children want and how many children there are to face paint, but it’s usually around an hour and a half.

For more details Contact Shad Rutherford:
Christchurch, New Zealand
64 (03) 352 3150 or (0274) 963 746