Shad Rutherford
E  N  T  E  R  T  A  I  N  E  R

Balloonology??  What exactly is that??

The “Art of Balloonology” is to take an inanimate balloon, blow it up and then twist and shape it into a recognisable form. That’s exactly what Shad Rutherford does and much much more.

There’s something extra special about balloons. Everyone loves them, Adults and Children alike. They are even more special when they are shaped into various animals and creations right in front of your eyes. Shad makes more than the standard “263 different animals......that all look like dogs!!!”

Yes you can have your balloon made into a Dog, Giraffe, Sausage Dog, Elephant, Swan, Poodle, Lady-Bird, Turtle, Mouse, Rabbit (Colesi Free), Tiger, Lion, Cat, Teddy-Bear, Smurf, Sword, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Monkey, Puppy with Pea in Tummy, Pony, Buzzy Bee, Kangaroo with Joey, Parrot in Swing, Motorcycle, Leprechaun, Various Hats, Plane, Helicopter, Humming Bird, Flower etc etc etc.......................even a Duck Billed Platypus!!!!

Any of these and more can be made in seconds right in front of the audiences eyes. In addition to being entertained they actually have something special to take home as a reminder of the special day.

This is perfect for promotions, fairs, festivals, restaurants or any situation where you would like to create an atmosphere of fun and colour, that leaves a lasting positive impression on your audience.

For more details Contact Shad Rutherford:
Christchurch, New Zealand
64 (03) 352 3150 or (0274) 963 746